Purchase 10 bags of either 15-30-15 Super Starter, Weed and Feed, or Crabgrass Preventer, and Get 20% Off a Select Spreader!

5-30-15 SUPER STARTER 40/pallet (FRSUPER) 20% Slow release nitrogen. Great starter formula. Covers up to 15,000 sq. ft. per 50 lb bag. SGN200

18-0-5 WITH BARRICADE FERTILIZER AND PRE-EMERGENT CRABGRASS PREVENTER 40/pallet (FRCG18005) Controls crabgrass and other annual grass weeds and some broadleaf. Apply April – early May. Covers 12,500 sq. ft. per 50 lb bag. 20% Slow Release Nitrogen

18-0-2 FERTILIZER WITH TRIMEC BROADLEAF HERBICIDE (WEED & FEED) 40/pallet (FRWDFD18002) Controls broadleaf weeds, dandelions and more. Apply spring/early fall when active growth occurs. Covers 12,500 sq. ft per 50 lb bag. 50% Slow Release Nitrogen.

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